Saturday, October 23, 2010

New schedule coming--

Hi all-- just a note that the new schedule should be up on Monday, and will take us through to the end of the trimester. We'll finish with Chapter 9. Before E-mersion starts you'll have one more AP Lab, one more written test with essay, and a bit more homework.

Here's the year's "BIG picture":
now till November 5-- chapters 8-10
December-- chapters 10-12 and the infamous Fruit Fly Lab
January and February-- Chapters 21-30
March- Chapters 13-19
April-- Chapters 31-38

MAY-- review and test!IT may be clear to you in this "Big picture" that there's no way to cover all this stuff in class. Alas... that means i'm going to give you all a few chapters to cover over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I will announce which chapters those will be in the very near future.

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