Sunday, April 10, 2011


I know you all are feeling it. Time is tight before the exam. There's stuff we haven't covered. And the exam could ask you ANYTHING.

HOWEVER... I want you all to not fret. Here's why: based on what you did on the practice exam, I think that all of you, if you apply yourselves, can score between 3 and 5 on that exam. We'll go over your scores on TUESDAY at Lunch Bunch so you can see what I mean.

So for the next month, we'll be condensing some things to fit into our schedule.

We have:
Week of 4/11- 4/15-- finish plants and everything about them
Week of 4/26- 4/29-- ecology (see below)
Week of 5/3-5/7-- I'd like to reserve for review if possible.

And the exam is on 5/9 in the morning.

Here are our key topics that have not yet been covered:

1. finish anatomy and sexual reproduction in plants
2. transpiration-- movement of water through plants
3. Land and water Biome basics-- which biome is which?
4. predator/prey relationships, population curves
5. the water, nitrogen, and carbon cycles
6. levels of dissolved oxygen

...and of course, you all have your Parade through the Kingdoms handouts.


EVERY NIGHT: give yourself 30 minutes of review. Here are the two options I suggest-- choose your favorite:
a: get a review book (I suggest the Cliff's Notes book) and work through the multiple choice of 2 sections per night. read up on the stuff you miss.
b: Use the Campbell website and create a cumulative review test for each night. I'd cover 3 chapters each night. Review the ones you miss.

Week of April 11: finish plants completely. We will do the transpiration lab online. We also will plant our AP Genetics lab seeds this week, and plant some other seeds which will be sprouted nicely when you return from Spring Break. We'll observe pollen tubes as well.

THIS WEEK'S HOMEWORK: 1. READ chapter 17 (if not done), select pages of 31 and 32 (TBA); 2. A study packet on plants; 3. take-home test on plants (due FRIDAY); 4. advertisement for Plant hormone (explanation to follow).

SPRING BREAK HOMEWORK: 1. COMPLETE Parade through the Kingdoms! 2. Outline SIX different AP Exam essays that I will give you; 3. READ chapter 34 and select pages of chapters 35 and 36 (TBA).

Week of April 26-29: We'll do the dissolved oxygen lab online. You'll each be assigned a biome and a "cycle" to explain to the class. In-class demo of predator/prey relationships and population growth. Study packet on Ecology. NO TEST, though I'll give you some take-home questions to see how you're doing.

FOLLOWING WEEK'S HOMEWORK: REVIEW! More practice AP questions, as well selections from the Pearson study guide to bring back the first semester stuff. In class, we'll review the things that you had a hard time with from the practice exam. we also will outline 8 more practice essays.

WEEKEND BEFORE THE EXAM: I order you all NOT to study after Sunday at 6 PM.

So get ready for an intense month, followed by more leisurely stuff. :)

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