Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Summer, everyone! And yep, that's right... it's almost over.

But wait... don't get too sad! for starters, you have another 3 weeks of summer to go.

And what's more, I have some great SUMMER READING for you to do!

Okay, okay... don't shoot me. I know; it's summer. But this year, aside from being FUN, is going to be FAST. We're going to be learning really, really fast to get all this stuff in, and I want to keep it fun as we go. One solution? Hit the ground running on August 18th.

So I assume everyone has this book?

Here it is: Please arrive on August 18th having read CHAPTERS 1 and 2 of the book!
CHAPTER 1: Biology: exploring life
CHAPTER 2: The Chemical Basis of Life

These chapters review the scientific method, basic chemistry and some very basic biological concepts that I think you've heard before. We'll make short work of these chapters, then start applying those lessons to the rest of the course.

Studying at the pool isn't out of the question...

See you August 18th!
--Dr. Bennett

Next post: Chapter 1 powerpoint..

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