Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hi Y'all-- here's the agenda for the coming week:

8/23 Monday-- chapter 2: Enzyme Demo: activity of catalase
8/24 Tuesday-- start AP lab #2: establish baseline peroxide concentration
8/25 Wednesday-- Enzyme Catalysis Lab
8/26 Thursday-- begin chapter 3
8/27 Friday-- middle Chapter 3

8/30 Monday-- finish Chapter 3; Macromolecule construction
8/31 Tuesday: lab help and REVIEW
9/1 Wednesday: Chapter 2/3 test
9/2 Thursday: AP LAB #2 DUE: Begin chapter 4
9/3 Friday: More Chapter 4

Here's the HOMEWORK:

WEEK OF 8/23: read chapter 3 by THURSDAY.

MON 8/23: read AP lab #2 completely.

8/23 & 8/24 Monday/Tuesday: answer questions # 23- 26 on p. 31. Answers need to be in complete sentences, and in your own words please. Due WEDNESDAY 8/25.

8/26 and 8/27 Thursday/Friday: answer questions# #18-20 in your own words. Use complete sentences and be specific. DUE MONDAY 8/30.

WEEK OF 8/30: read chapter 4 by THURSDAY.


WED 9/1: be sure lab is complete...

THURSDAY 9/2 and FRIDAY 9/3: AP LAB #2 DUE; you'll be assigned an organelle-- begin organelle research. To be presented TUESDAY 9/7 AND WEDNESDAY 9/8.

ALSO... I'm moving the power point presentations to my google docs area. Would you all please be sure you can access these?

thanks :)

Dr. Bennett

P.S.- Want a fun way to get ready for the organelle presentation? try the Create A Cell game. There's a link on the right side of this page.

P.S.S.-- want to get ready for AP lab #2? Follow THIS LINK and choose AP Lab #2 for the online version of the lab.

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