Monday, September 13, 2010

Lab Reports-- what was I looking for?

You'll get back lab reports today. Some of you did a GREAT job, and some not so much. In light of this, I need to let you all know what I was looking for.

In the Intro and Conclusion: I was looking in the intro for background information about enzymes-- any background that might be applicable to the lab. In the conclusion, I was looking for any information on what happened in the lab. For example, what happens to Catalase when H2SO4 is added to it? Why did we add it to the catalase?

Here is a list of buzz-words that I was looking for:

Protein catalyst
Activation energy
pH, temperature, salt content
specificity, binding site
tertiary structure, hydrogen bonding, denature

*titration error
*Sulfuric acid stopped the catalase reaction by denaturing catalase (again, tertiary structure, active site...)
*Why determine a baseline?
*Catalase decreased activation energy so reaction was speeded.
*Potassium permangenate reacted with peroxide and sulfuric acid to become clear... when it turned purple all peroxide was gone from solution

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