Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey y'all... I am here at school moving the chick eggs out of the turner and startign "LOCKDOWN." I really hope we get some chicks! On Friday, I checked the incubator temp and saw that it had spontaneously heated to over 39 Celcius (!!!). I turned it down. I'm super aggrivated with that incubator, but will hope that it was a very brief flare (in fact, I know the temp was fine at 9 AM or so, and the elevation was at 2:45). I'm sure chicken mothers get fevers every once in a while, so I will bet that we'll be okay.

This week is busy! We do the first part of AP lab 6, take the chapters 11/12 test, and get into evolution with the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium/equation.

To make life really easy, here's the link to ALL of Mr. Anderson's awesome podcasts:


please, before Wednesday,watch the one under EVOLUTION called "Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium." You'll need to read the chapter AND have seen the podcast by WEDNESDAY.

Here's the week:

MONDAY-- Gel electrophoresis (AP Lab 6)
TUESDAY-- WAS test chapters 11, 12: NOW: review lab results, and start chapter 13 with principles of Hardy Weinberg.
LUNCH BUNCH: Essay outlining in groups of 2 or 3
WEDNESDAY-- Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium lab, also known as AP LAB 8. This will be fun!
THURSDAY-- WAS lecture, chapter 13; NOW: Test chapters 11, 12. chicks are due!!
FRIDAY: Review test: Antibiotic resistance video and in-class quiz

Assignments this week:
1. TEST ON TUESDAY! This one is multiple choice only.
2. Write-up for AP Lab 6: it will only involve the part we do tomorrow, and will only include Intro, Hypothesis, Data, Conclusion, and Discussion/Error Analysis. Let's make it due on MONDAY MARCH 28TH. **
3. I am trying to create a way for you to give yourselves a Pre-test on Chapter 13 via computer, and email me your results. If I can't do that, then I'll print up a multiple-choice pre-test for you to do OPEN BOOK and turn in on Thursday.
4. AP LAB 8: this one won't have a write-up-- just answer the questions. Due on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30.**

** Let's talk about these due dates. If you would like to switch them, it's okay with me. That would give you longer on Lab 6, which includes a write-up.

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