Sunday, September 4, 2011


AP BIO: We'll move on into chapter 14, going from MICROEVOLUTION-- a change in frequency of one allele within a population-- to MACROEVOLUTION-- how enough of these allele changes can add up to a brand new species. You'll also get your first project this week: a "you-teeach-it" to develop with two classmates.

Here's a great podcast on Chapter 14. PLEASE WATCH IT BEFORE READING CHAPTER 14 AND DOING THE READING QUIZ ! It'll help you a lot.

BIOLOGY: you all will be continuing chapter 13 with 13.11-13.15, and 13.17 as well. Here's an 8-minute podcast that might help you in understanding Evolution:

BOTH CLASSES: we'll start our in-depth look at the evolution of primate vision with a look at planaria and their eye spots. We'll also look at what binocular vision does for primates.

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