Sunday, October 30, 2011


AP BIO: congratulations you all, you've finished chapters 4 and 5!
Moving on...
1. we need to take a test on 4/5
2. We need to cover 6 and 7, and take a test on them before emersion term.

So here's how I'd like to do it:

MONDAY: Finish up AP Lab 2.
TUESDAY Discuss AP Lab 2 results; review chapters 4/5
WEDNESDAY Intro to chapter 6-- call respiration. Break into teams of 3 and have each person know all the details of one of the following: Glycolysis, Kreb's Cycle, Oxidative phosphorylation.
HW: as above. Be ready to "live" cellular respiration tomorrow!
THURSDAY LAB: Living cell respiration in the classroom.
HOMEWORK: MB assignment for ch 6 due at midnight
HOMEWORK: finish AP lab 2 to turn in MONDAY

MONDAY: Intro to photosynthesis. LAB: plasmolysis in elodea.
HW: MB for ch 6 due at MIDNIGHT
TUESDAY: CAM and C4 plants
HW: MB for ch 7 due at MIDNIGHT
WEDNESDAY: more on photosynthesis
THURSDAY: review
FRIDAY: test chapters 4, 5, 6, 7

Monday: properties of the plasma membrane
TUESDAY: LAB: endomembrane system; follow a protein
WEDNESDAY: where did they drown?
THURSDAY: properties of enzymes
FRIDAY: LAB-- Where did they drown?

MONDAY: review
TUESDAY: TEST CHAPTERS 4, 5 (ONLY the part of chapter 5 that covers osmosis/diffusion and enzyme behavior).

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